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Planting Seeds Matt Roussin

Sharing Your Faith Means Planting Seeds

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Sharing your faith means planting seeds and trusting God to give the growth. Hear from Matt Roussin on how he plants seeds in his life.
The Main Thing That Keeps Us From Jesus

The Main Thing That Keeps Us From Jesus

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The Gospel is the best news in the world. But, what keeps us from Jesus and the good news He brings? Why do we turn from Him?
Radically Following Jesus

3 Misunderstandings That Keep Us from Radically Following Jesus

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What keeps us from radically following Jesus? Here are 3 misunderstandings that keep Christians from living out their faith in Christ.



Community: God's Design for Growth

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The idea of community is, in a sense, from another world, a world very unlike our own.

What is Prayer?

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Prayer is our direct line with heaven. Many people question what is prayer because they desire to pray...

7 Encouraging Bible Verses for Parents

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We’ve all had those days – grumpy faces, whiny attitudes, grumbling & complaining…