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Imagine living every day with hope. Not just wishes, but actual hope.

Does that seem impossible for your life? We’re here to share stories and ideas that will help you realize hope is possible for you.

Hope changes things.

Hope can change your life! Take a look around and read, watch, and learn about how hope has changed countless lives for the better.

Hope is freedom. It’s adventure. It’s joy! And, hope is for everyone.

Join our social community as we find and share hope.


Hope is worth sharing.

We’re just ordinary people completely changed by the extraordinary love of God, and we love sharing stories of hope with people who need it.

Learn more about our mission, vision, and how you can share the hope that you have, too.

Who We Are

Ask About My Faith exists to engage with people searching for answers, encourage them with the love and support of community, provide resources that both equips them to take their next step with Jesus and share hope with others.


How to Explain the Gospel With One Bible Verse | Share Your Faith | Evangelism

How to Explain the Gospel Using Just One Verse

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There are several simple, effective ways to explain the Gospel. Some people appreciate having one clear Bible verse, and the Bible has a few to choose from!
4 Crucial Tips for Sharing the Gospel | 3 Things to Look for (and 1 to avoid) | Evangelism Tips and Resources | Christian Faith

4 Crucial Tips for Sharing the Gospel

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People say they're nervous to talk about faith because they’re afraid they don’t know enough answers. Let me lift the pressure with these 4 critical tips for sharing your faith.


Set Free | Story of Transformation

Ask About My Faith has found some of the best stories to share. We want you to be inspired by God’s love for every story.

“I want you to be alone for one hour, just you and God” … “As I’m reading, the wind begins to blow the pages and I got more and more angry.”


10 Ways to Deal With Difficult Co-Workers

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Working in a dream environment is a goal for most of us. But when the dream turns into a toxic nightmare, how do we climb out of bed every morning and make ourselves go to work?

Preparing Your Personal Faith Story

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Your story — regardless of how “spectacular” or “ordinary” you think it is — is a story about God’s...