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The Ask About My Faith Podcast

Our hope is to inspire everyday faith conversations by interviewing other Christ-followers and hearing stories of how they’re sharing their faith! We’ll have bonus episodes here and there on a variety of topics.

Abby Fabre.

Abby Fabre

A photo of Jessica Smith.

Jess Smith

Our Hosts

Meet Abby and Jess

Abby Fabre and Jess Smith are sister-in-laws who were impacted by the launch of Ask About My Faith by Abby's dad, Randy & Jess's husband, Dan. They love asking questions and hearing stories about how regular people are sharing the Hope they have in Jesus!

Abby is a Realtor in her day-to-day with the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people. She loves to open her home and her table where people can have faith conversations.

Jess recently stepped back from her career as a Counselor to raise her daughters. She enjoys building relationships through fun and meaningful conversations over coffee.

Meet Our Guests

MaryRose Thill

Mary Rose Thill shares how she has used her “prodigal daughter” testimony to have beautiful, encouraging, and transformative faith conversations. Mary Rose Thill is a fearless creative thinker, an active doer, and an undeniable people person. She is currently launching an intergenerational leadership center at Crown College and works as a Business Marketing professor there. 

Episode 28: Her Prodigal Daughter Story
Episode 29: coming 8/30

Ben Utecht.

Ben Utecht

Ben Utecht, speaks on how living a life of complete surrender to God has allowed him to use his incredible platform to display the love of God through every aspect of his life. If his name sounds familiar, that might be because Ben is an accomplished NFL athlete, Superbowl champion, and musician. He currently works as a ⁠Chief Culture Officer⁠. He is a prominent speaker and coach in organizational leadership and development. Please listen along to hear Ben's faith story and how God has moved throughout his career!

Episode 26: The NFL
Episode 27: Trainer

Ben Peterson.

Ben Peterson

Ben Peterson shares incredible stories of faith, discipleship, and redemption.  Ben is a husband, father, and combat veteran who served in Iraq for two years, in 2008 and 2009. Nowadays, Ben trains soldiers in the 101st airborne and ministers to soldiers through Engage Your Destiny, a ministry he founded in 2016, and through which he has led over 6000 soldiers to Christ. 🇺🇸 This conversation is worth sharing!

Episode 24: So. Many. Redemption. Stories!
Episode 25: The Flight Attendant

A photo of Jamie Lynn Wallnau.

Jamie Lyn Wallnau

Jaime Lyn Wallnau has blessed us with incredible stories and inspiring revelations. She loves Jesus, her husband Lance and their golden doodle Remi! Jamie Lyn is the author of Holy Revolution and the founder of The Set Apart Women podcast and ministry. You're going to enjoy listening to Jamie Lyn share!

Episode 22: The Comic Con* Conference
Episode 23: Inviting People to Her Table

A photo of Anna Kokesh.

Anna Kokesh

Anna Kokesh joins us for a truly inspiring and uplifting conversation about healing, evangelism, and hope. Anna is a married mother of five, currently in her fourth year of medical school and working at a family-run Spanish emergent childcare center. Her strong call to seek healing has led her to the healthcare industry, where she sees God work time and time again. 

Episode 20: Living a 'No Fear, No Worry' Lifestyle
Episode 21: Losing Her Son

A photo of Elise Gaspar.

Elise Gaspar

Elise Gaspar  is currently a sophomore in high school, living in Dallas, Texas, with her parents and two brothers. At a young age, she felt the call to ministry and doesn’t seem shy about her faith among her peers.  Elise Gaspar shares with us her teenage perspective and experience sharing her faith with her peers! 

Episode 19: Sharing at the Lunch Table

A photo of Greg Anderson.

Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson is the President of Inspiration Point Camp & Retreat Center. Greg speaks around the country at churches, camps, and conferences on the topics of leadership and ministry to children, youth, and families. His interview is full of honest & inspiring stories of sharing his faith!

Episode 17: City Council
Episode 18: Duck Hunting

Brian Ingram.

Brian Ingram

Brian Ingram is the Founder & Owner of Purpose Restaurants, a growing group of restaurants in the Twin Cities, including Hope Breakfast Bar, The Apostle Supper Club, and The Gnome. Brian shares his stories of loving people well and living out his faith boldly. Brian and his wife Sarah have one son and live in St. Paul.

Episode 16: Living Faith Boldly
Episode 15: Hope Breakfast

Matt Brown.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown is an evangelist, author of Truth Plus Love, host of Think Eternity with Matt Brown, and founder of Think Eternity — a ministry sharing powerful faith content through podcasts, blogs, videos, outreaches and more.
Matt and his wife Michelle have four children and live near the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Episode 14: The Impact of Social Media

Episode 13: Mardi Gras

Scott Pyle.

Scott Pyle

Scott Pyle is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CFO of Pyle Financial Services. Scott and his wife have invested in their communities and abroad. Together they helped build the Dream Medical Center, one of Rwanda’s biggest and most well-respected medical centers. Scott shares stories of sharing his faith through work and hobbies.

Episode 12: Hunting Buddy

Episode 11: Near Death Experience

Trisha Aumnn.

Trisha Aumnn

Trisha Aumann is an entrepreneur and Owner of Farm and Thread, a clothing and decor boutique located in Lindstrom, Minnesota. Trisha desires for her business to be used by the Holy Spirit but didn’t know how quickly it would happen and how simple it would be. Listen as she shares her beautiful and inspiring stories of how she’s been able to share God’s love in the most natural ways.
Episode 10: College Psych Class
Episode 9: Boutique Client

Lo Miller.

Lo Miller

Lo Miller is a pediatric home care nurse. As a home care nurse, she steps into some of the most intimate moments of her patients’ lives and is a light in their dark times. She shares stories about calling out the God-given talents and identities in her patients and talks about how she paused to spend time with a woman experiencing homelessness.

Episode 8: Calling Our Identity in her Patients

Jim Wilson.

Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson is a lifelong Christian who has been working as an accountant at an investment firm for twenty-five years. Ten years ago, God used a meditation by Tim Keller to flip a switch in Jim's heart. He realized that God's love is the key to the freedom we all need. So, with a servant's heart, he remains ready to be God's vessel.

Episode 7: Sharing Faith at Work

Matt Roussin.

Matt Roussin

Matt Roussin is a creative entrepreneur and is known as an adventurer that takes his faith with him on the road. Matt shares stories of praying for people at work and on a road trip across the United States. The Bible passage in 2 Peter 1:5-7 inspired him to start his business and dedicate the first week of entrepreneurship to the Lord.
Episode 6: Roadtrip with God

Morgan Whitney.

Morgan Whitney

Morgan Whitney is truly an everyday believer who listens to the Lord’s voice and follows His instructions. Whether she listens intently about which cooperative to go to or the best trick-or-treating house in the neighborhood, Morgan leans in and listens. She shares her story about learning to listen to and obey God’s voice throughout her daily life.

Episode 5: The Neighborhood Kids

Rebecca Ribnick.

Rebecca Ribnick

Rebecca Ribnick is a pastor, speaker, and author of HOPE: A Practical Guide for Praying for Healing and Speaking Spirit to Spirit. Conversations with Rebecca are always filled with inspiration and laughter. During this episode, Rebecca shares her intentionality with her daily outings and seeing people who need healing.
Episode 4: Healing the Sick

Roger Lane.

Roger Lane

Roger Lane was a respected pastor, leader, fundraiser, mentor, and coach to countless people throughout his years on earth. Although he was told he had five months to live with an aggressive cancer diagnosis, he met Jesus just three weeks after our recording. Listen to Roger as he shares his story and love for Jesus.

Episode 3: Knocking on Doors

Carissa Krey.

Carissa Krey

Carissa Krey, along with her husband Ben, is the Founder of a street evangelism ministry called Firedrop Movement. After the City of Minneapolis’ unrest in 2020, Carissa and Ben felt the calling to start this incredible ministry. Carissa shares inspiring stories of how she reached out to strangers in the Twin Cities area and how she is building relationships with them.

Episode 2: A New Friend at Aldi

Justin Gaspar.

Justin Gaspar

Justin Gaspar is a husband, father, and Outreach Minister at Northwest Bible Church in Dallas, Texas. Justin deeply loves God and loves people. Listen to Justin as he talks about incorporating his faith into his daily interactions with others.

Episode 1: Drive Thru Attendant