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Becoming Uninhibited to Have Faith Conversations

November 25, 2019
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“Even though I was churched, I didn’t know Him. Then I met Him, and everything changed.”

Our most recent guest on the Ask About My Faith podcast, Samantha Fisher, shares her incredible enthusiasm and inspiring stories with all of us. 

Samantha grew up going to church. She knew God was real, but she didn’t know God. After witnessing heartache and pain in those she cared about, she wasn’t even sure she liked God. But everything changed when she was 16 and encountered God in a new way. 

Being Set Free

When Samantha was 16, she heard the song Our Father. The YouTube algorithm brought her song after song, moving her spirit in ways she could not explain. For the first time, she could feel how much the musicians seemed to like who they were singing to. Something shifted inside her that night, and hunger for more of God settled within her. 

She attended a worship service where she encountered God in powerful ways. But when she returned home, Samantha met a surge of spiritual attacks in the form of crazy nightmares. She started petitioning the Lord to end it, and He answered her cries. God freed her from her addiction to pornography and the lingering effects of years of horror movie consumption. 

That encounter with the Lord lit a fire within her that continues to burn bright to this day. She became “unhinged” for the Lord and could barely contain her enthusiasm. God performed a miracle in her, and Samantha wanted others to experience their miracles. 

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Let Love Guide You

After Samantha’s encounter with God, she became uninhibited for the Lord, sharing His love and truth with anyone who would listen. Some of her most powerful ministry stories happened organically.

She comforted and prayed for a girl in the bathroom during her senior year. After going to the wrong voting precinct, she talked to a girl about music, immediately leading her to encounter God's tangible presence. Samantha didn’t need to do anything fancy. She simply encouraged the girl to listen to a worship song, and God made His presence known. 

The fact is, when you love someone, you can’t help but talk about them. You will find every excuse to bring them into the conversation. 

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Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you love God; the spirit of fear will still creep into your heart and mind, making you second-guess yourself. But, everyone deserves to encounter the love and power of God. 

We all experience fear at times, especially when we are sharing our faith. As you will see in a few of Samantha’s stories, sometimes the key is just pushing through the fear and letting God take the reins. 

She shares an incredible story in which she and a few friends meet a psychic on the street. At first, they pass her by, unsure what to say or how to minister to her, but God doesn’t make it easy for Samantha just to walk away. She couldn’t shake the overwhelming feeling they needed to talk to her, and they eventually returned and managed to bless her with truth and love. 

Once, Samantha fought through intense fear during a conversation with her step-sister. A very controversial and hot-button topic arises, but they have a civil discussion about their different views. Things start to get heated when the topic turns to the church, but Samantha stops and redirects the conversation. She shares her testimony, and despite being full of fear, she finds herself speaking with confidence and grace that could have only been God’s doing. 

“I wish someone would have told me I could be free, but He got me anyway.”

Samantha’s Advice

As always, we ended our conversation with Samantha by asking her what advice she has for our listeners. She had these three tips to offer. 

Stick to your story. 

Remember that you have authority in what you have walked through, so resist the urge to compare your testimony to others and embrace what you carry. 

Take risks! 

Remember that it’s hard to remain silent when you love someone, so embrace that love and let Him guide you. But don’t worry, God is a gracious God. If you do hold back, He will always bring you another opportunity. 

Your face plant can still bear fruit. 

When sharing God’s love with others, there is no such thing as failure. Even if you fall on your face and it looks like your attempts to share your faith have been fruitless, there is always a chance God will continue to move. When it happens, because it will, just pivot and keep trying. Have faith that seeds were planted. 

If you want to take more risks and be bold when talking about your faith, consider starting with your story. How has God moved in your life? It doesn’t need to be a significant life-changing shift to make a big difference. The more someone can relate to your experiences, the more of an impact your story will have on their lives. 

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Discover how allowing yourself to become uninhibited for God can lead to incredible faith conversations with our guest on the Ask About My Faith Podcast, Samantha Fisher.

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