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Finding God in Life’s Most Vulnerable Moments

November 25, 2019
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Could God be present in our most vulnerable moments? 

Our most recent guest on the Ask About My Faith podcast, Jeannie Baron is a mom, doula, and childbirth educator who has been sharing her faith since she was young. She lives as an open book on the topic of faith, whether she’s with her clients, students, friends, or family. During our talk, we heard stories of how God is meeting women in their most vulnerable moments during labor and delivery. Throughout this podcast, we’re reminded of the steadfast love of Jesus and how His Presence is always available to us. 

Saved on The Prairie

Jeannie was raised by a Christian family on the Saskatchewan prairie in Canada. At the young age of eight, Jeannie was struck by her need for Jesus and gave her life to him while living on the farm. She often wondered if her prayers to receive Jesus were truly working. During this time, she’d pray these words to triple-check that God had come to reside in her heart:

“Lord, I want you. I want to live for you. I want you in my life.” 

Due to her family offering a Christian foundation, Jeannie’s faith was strong and vibrant in her youth. Her first time leading someone to the Lord was at a sleepover with a close friend. Right before bed, Jeannie’s friend blurted out, “I don’t think I know God!” Jeannie promptly responded with, “You need to!” and shared the full Gospel with her. To Jeannie’s great joy, her friend received Jesus as the Lord of her life and they were both overwhelmed by the redeeming, saving, and sudden power of God to meet the lost.   

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Friction, Frustration, and Faith Under Fire 

“We have to put what we believe to the test.” 

During her teenage years, Jeannie wanted to test the waters, as most of us do in our youth. She began drinking and experimenting with what the world had to offer. At this time, Jeannie began to experience vivid dreams. One dream that was particularly profound displayed a vast image of the heavens opening, angels flying all around, and the feet of the Lord Jesus descending to the earth. When Jeannie woke up, she began audibly praying to the Lord, “Help me get back to you. Help me get back to you.” 

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As time went on, Jeannie attended Bible School in Austria and grew stronger in her biblical foundation. Upon returning from Austria, she met a man who caught her eye. His name was Wade, he was the lead guitar player in her brother's rock band, and Jeannie felt pleased to meet someone who had an edge about him. Powered by the conviction that Christian boys were wimps, she was happy to be swooning over someone who wasn’t in the Church.

Shortly after the two began dating, Wade’s mom was suddenly diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Upon receiving the news, his mother passed away unusually fast, just two weeks after receiving the diagnosis. When Wade visited Jeannie to grieve the sudden loss, questions about faith began to bubble up.

“What’s this religion thing about?”

Jeannie braced herself and answered her boyfriend: “I do know God.”

Jeannie shared the whole Gospel with Wade. He listened attentively but wasn’t ready to receive just yet. When Jeannie went home, she began praying for Wade to have a soft heart that would accept Jesus.

At 3 AM, Jeannie received the call that changed everything. Wade was ecstatic to share that he gave his life to the Lord in his home during the middle of the night. 

God in the Delivery Room

Shortly after, the two were married. Throughout the years, the happy couple welcomed two babies into their family. Jeannie was content homeschooling the kids, but would often pray, “Lord, give me an ‘out there’!” as she desired an avenue for faith outside of the home. The Lord provided the outlet she was praying for in the form of becoming a doula.

While supporting a client during a difficult birth, Jeannie had the opportunity to witness the miraculous. During a surge of pain and anxiety with contractions, Jeannie offered to pray for her client who was in such an intense state. The first question out of the woman’s mouth was: “Who are you going to pray to?”

Jeannie was confident and answered, “Jesus.” To her delight, she received the “okay” of her client. Jennnie prayed for the Lord to give her client strength, to release her from the anxiety and pain, and to cause the baby to arrive quickly. Following prayer, her client visibly changed. Her countenance appeared lighter, more confident, and her baby was delivered within half an hour.

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Advice for Everyday Life 

Read the Bible

Whether you’re a mom, student, working 9-5, or any combination of the above, Jeannie wants all of our listeners to know that being in the Word will change everything. When we read the Bible, we are ignited with passion for the Lord and for others. As we receive the teachings of Jesus, we are equipped to make the world a better place. Here are some of Jeannie’s favorite passages to strengthen yourself in the Lord:

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. - Hebrews 4:12
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. - Proverbs 3:5-6
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28

Regardless of the season, it is always the time to read the Word, apply the teachings of Jesus to our lives, and share our faith with those around us. Have you been hesitant to share the Gospel with someone in your life? Let Jeannie's stories inspire you! Pray for them, share your story, and trust that God will work all things together in His perfect timing.


Curious how faith can transform life’s most vulnerable moments? Listen to Ask About My Faith guest Jeannie Baron share stories of God's presence.

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Finding God in Life’s Most Vulnerable Moments

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