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Christians Aren’t Perfect (That’s a Good Thing)

November 25, 2019
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If you’ve ever met a Christian, you quickly learn that Christians aren't perfect. If you are a Christian, then you definitely know that you’re not perfect!

Sometimes, we try to pretend we’re perfect, never make mistakes, and have it all together. Or, we act as though we live trouble-free lives. So, when something in life goes sideways, we think, “This isn’t supposed to happen to me!”

But, the fact that Christians aren’t perfect is what makes our life stories even more relatable and powerful. Our journey is filled with ups and downs, successes and failures—just like anyone else's. 

Here's the great news: these imperfections actually highlight our need for a Savior, and that's where Jesus steps in. 

Christians Aren’t Perfect Because No One is Perfect

Sometimes people might expect Christians to be these flawless, picture-perfect folks, but the truth is, nobody's perfect, and that includes followers of Jesus. We're all human and have our fair share of imperfections.

Being a Christian doesn't mean you suddenly become this faultless person who never makes a mistake. It means you're striving to live by certain truths, but you're still going to stumble along the way, just like everyone else.

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God - Romans 3:23 

ALL have sinned, including us! So yes, Christians mess up. We say things we shouldn't, we lose our patience, and sometimes we make choices that are, well, not great. 

But, that brings us to the very next verse we see in Romans 3.

We All Need a Savior

And all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. - Romans 3:24

ALL of us need a Savior. Yes, even us who seem to “have it all together.” But, let's be real, none of us have it all together, and that's why we all need Jesus.

When we mess up, when we sin and fall short, it's a reminder that we need a Savior. We need Someone who understands us, offers forgiveness, rescues us, and guides us. That is what Jesus does for us.

Jesus didn't come for perfect people! He came for those of us who were a bit rough around the edges, the ones who had messed up. Jesus came for all of us.

As Christians, we want to follow Jesus and His Word, but our failures remind us of our human condition. We're all trying, learning, and sometimes falling flat on our faces. In those moments, Jesus is there, reminding us that grace and redemption are waiting for us.

We Need to Depend on Jesus Daily

Because of our sinful nature, our daily life is riddled with mistakes and shortcomings. Because of this, we are reminded that we need to surrender and live in dependence on God. Living dependent on Jesus doesn't mean we're weak, it means we're wise. 

Depending on Jesus every day is a constant reminder that we're not alone in the chaos of this world. We have a Lord who is here to guide us. And, when we mess up (not if, but when), we have a Savior who forgives us.

If we were perfect, we wouldn’t need to rely on Jesus in our daily lives. There would be no reason to seek Him because we could do it all ourselves! But, we would be missing out on so much of God’s presence in our lives. If we commanded complete control of our own perfect lives, we would see only a glimpse of who He is and what He has for us.

‍Giving up control and depending on Jesus might not sound like a freeing thing, but it is. It's letting go of the illusion of control and surrendering to One who is greater, and who wants the very best for us. 

Our Faith Story can Point Others to Jesus

For many of us, our faith story includes a time where we were far from perfect. Our lives were filled with sin, doubt, and pain. In these moments, God showed up, walked with us, and rescued us. Our imperfection was an opportunity for God to show us perfect love, and our lives were forever changed.

When we are transparent with others and share that we're not perfect, our testimony leads to Jesus and what He did for us. Jesus didn't come for the flawless. He came for all of us who recognize our need for salvation and forgiveness. 

Through the messiness of our own lives, we can show others the transformative work of Jesus. When we share our faith story, God’s perfect love, compassion, and forgiveness will shine brightly compared to our struggles and imperfections.

So, while Christians aren't perfect, that's exactly the point. Our imperfect stories beautifully point to the perfect love of Jesus.


Christians aren’t perfect, and that’s a good thing! Our imperfections tell a story of our need for a Savior and His perfect love.

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