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How Searching for Truth Creates Unshakable Faith

November 25, 2019
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Our guest on the Ask About My Faith podcast, Paul Moore, was once a Sunday school kid who went to church out of obligation. He knew how to talk the talk, but wasn’t too convinced about walking the walk. However, during a divine series of events, Paul’s life was turned around and his relationship with Jesus became real.

Looking for Those who “Walk the Walk” 

During Paul’s college years, he found himself wrestling between Mormonism and Christianity. The Christians in his life weren’t full of character or living in purity, but the Mormons he knew were living righteously. After visiting a Mormon Church, he went home with an innate feeling of… “This isn’t for me.”  His search for the true God continued, yet he lived the normal college life. 

Along the way, there were encounters with God that served as breadcrumbs to find the truth. From hearing the allegories in U2 songs about Christ, to reading The Robe by C. Lloyd Douglas, to the moment his coworker cautioned him about Mormonism, the Lord was intentional with His pursuit of Paul.

When Paul turned 21, the moment came that changed his perspective forever. Upon hearing several verses of 1 Corinthians 6, Paul was hit with the reality of his need for salvation. The Lord spoke to him, “You’re not going to heaven!” as he learned through the Bible who inherits the Kingdom of heaven and who doesn’t.

He rushed home, got on his knees, received Christ in his room, and began to walk closely with the true Lord. 

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Living in Bold Faith

Newly saved and unashamed of the Gospel, Paul had an eye-opening experience that showed him God’s heart for the hurting.

Hours after a friend's intense sports injury, Paul couldn’t shake the voice inside His head that kept repeating: “Go pray for healing!”

Despite never praying like that before, Paul prayed for his friend and was pleasantly surprised to witness his friend’s injury being completely healed. The joy of the Lord overtook them both and they ran around the campus late that night, telling anyone who’d listen how Jesus is the healer! 

Shortly after this, Paul began a Christian rock band with his friend who was healed, along with a skeptical roommate who received the Lord due to the healing. One of the first times Paul was able to share his testimony was during a school concert, where his band performed in front of hundreds of students.

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Boldness Becomes a Lifestyle

Once you see real life change through Jesus, it’s impossible to forget! To this day, Paul has never stopped praying for healing whether out at a restaurant, interceding in a community group, or waiting outside Walmart. 

Paul’s story has shown us that the risk of sharing your faith is always worth the reward! Grocery trips and weekend dinners are great places to ask God, “Is there anything you’d like to do while I’m here?” When we invite God to show up, He always does.

As we head into our week, we invite you to join our community in being bold and seeing risk as an opportunity for God to show up! 

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God uses any means necessary to showcase His love. Our recent guest on the Ask About My Faith podcast, Paul Moore, shares his story of the conviction of Scripture and the healing power of God.

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