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How to Show God's Love to Others at Easter

November 25, 2019
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Easter is a great opportunity to show God’s love to others! Everyone can use hope and encouragement in their lives. As Christians, we have the true source of hope. Jesus is the reason we celebrate, so it's the perfect time to share God's love at Easter.

Every single person is loved by God and is someone Jesus died for. That means everyone we meet throughout the day like neighbors, coworkers, and friends, can experience God’s love through YOU. Every day, wherever you go, you carry the love of Jesus with you.

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Need some ideas? Here are some simple ways to share God’s love at Easter.

Show God’s Love by Hosting a Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Hosting a neighborhood Easter egg hunt is a great way to connect with your neighbors, especially those you haven’t met before. Families are always looking for free, fun events, and they’ll be happy to have one in their own neighborhood.

Make some simple invitations and deliver them to houses in your area. If you don’t have space in your yard to host, consider a nearby park. Prepare the eggs (we’ve seen hosts use certain color eggs for different ages, hiding the older kids’ eggs a little trickier), have a few refreshments, and you’re all set!

While the kids are “hunting,” you can connect with the adults and get to know them. Ask good questions and be an authentic listener. With every conversation, find ways to encourage them. Parents need a lot of encouragement!

A simple question to ask at the end is, “How are you celebrating Easter this year?” This question can help lead to a faith conversation or an opportunity to invite them to your church for Easter services.

Show God’s Love with Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are a simple way to show others that you are thinking about them! Co-workers, neighbors, teachers, coaches, and friends all appreciate a small gift. You can assemble baskets or bags with candy, gift cards, or anything else you think they may appreciate.

Include a simple note expressing your Easter greetings. You can mention that you're praying for them, that God loves them, or invite them to celebrate Easter with you. Include whatever is natural and comfortable for you to say!

Even if they aren't Christians, people typically appreciate prayers and generous gestures. This could be a great way to let them know that you are a believer, that you care about them, and it may prompt a conversation about faith.

Share God’s Love with Sidewalk Chalk Greetings

Sidewalk chalk is a great option to get your entire family involved. Kids love expressing themselves with sidewalk chalk. Find a sidewalk where people walk often in the neighborhood.

What do you want to say to your neighbors? Funny jokes? Words of encouragement? A message about God's love? An invitation to church? Come up with a few ideas and then let your creativity fly!

Show God’s Love by Helping with Spring Clean Ups

Springtime means outdoor projects and indoor cleanups. Do you know any elderly or single parents who could use some help with these tasks? Any first-time homeowners who may need some guidance on projects? Can you think of someone who is going through a particularly busy or difficult season that could use a little relief?

If you can think of anyone who fits these scenarios, offer to help with spring clean up. Whether it's yard work, washing windows, cleaning a garage, or putting away winter items, these tasks can feel overwhelming for others due to their current situation. Ask if you can handle the project for them. If they agree, bring all the necessary supplies and even bring food and drinks so they don't feel obligated to provide.

Even if they decline, your offer is still an opportunity to show that you see them and want to help. Again, this opens to door for you to encourage them, share that you are praying for them, and invite them to celebrate Easter with you.

Invite Others to Easter Services at Church

Do you sense a common theme for all of the above ideas? Each of them can lead to a conversation about Easter! During your interactions with the other person, it is a simple transition to ask, "How are you celebrating Easter this year?"

If they have plans, great! Feel free to share your plans of church and whatever else your schedule includes. If they don't have plans, consider inviting them to attend church with you and even whatever plans you have after church.

Starting this conversation about church can also lead to questions about faith. Be prepared to share your faith story on how Jesus has changed your life. There's no better way to celebrate the work Jesus did on the cross at Easter than by sharing the Gospel with someone else!

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Easter is a great opportunity to show God’s love with others. Here are 5 ways to begin!

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