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21 Ways to Show God's Love From a Distance

November 25, 2019
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In times of crisis, you can’t always be physically close to those who are most affected. As much as we want to be, it’s not always safe or logistically possible. But even though you can’t be there physically, you can still show God’s love from a distance - even if it may look a little different.

God is Close to Those Who Are Hurting

Even when we can’t be near those who are hurting or in need, God is always with them. Jesus knows how it feels to be alone and to experience pain. He understands what it’s like to experience crises. He grieves when we grieve.

Not only that, but He loves each of us beyond what we can possibly imagine. He provides a peace that passes all our understanding. He is the only true hope in any circumstance!

We can offer hope and joy in the midst of suffering, even if we can’t be there physically. Below are 20 ideas for how you can show God’s love from a distance. You’ve probably thought of many of these ideas, but there may be a few new ideas!

Show God’s Love Through Service

If you are in good health and can safely serve, please consider how you can help. Ideas include:

1. Shop for and deliver groceries and supplies to people who are safer staying at home.

2. Do yard or other outside work for others who may find it difficult. Or, surprise any neighbor or friend with a fresh yard cleanup!

3. Walk pets for those who can’t.

4. Help elderly neighbors get set up with church online, skype, etc. Sometimes, people have the equipment necessary to connect virtually, but they don’t know how. Reach out to those who may be in that situation and help them get connected.

Show God’s Love Through Giving

5. Prepare a family talent show. Film it and send it out to people, or perform on your front porch or in the driveway for your neighbors!

6. Deliver puzzles, coloring books, toys to neighbor kids. Kids love playing with new items that aren’t theirs!

7. Deliver meals to essential employees where they work. If you know them personally, bring meals to their home to alleviate the stress of home life during the time of crisis.

8. Start a neighborhood pantry. Set out a bin that includes some non-perishable items and a sign saying “take something, leave something.”

9. Give to non-profit organizations who are prepared to provide help to those in need.

Show God’s Love by Connecting With Others

People often feel alone when they are hurting. Some people may not be able, or willing, to reach out to others - and that can only isolate them further. We can help them feel less alone by connecting with them personally.

10. Write letters or cards. Kids and adults alike love getting “real” mail! Friends and family would love updates from you or drawing from kids. Front-line workers appreciate thank-you cards.

11. Call regularly. If you aren’t sure what to say when calling regularly, you can choose to do something every phone call like tell a joke or ask a trivia question. This can give you something to talk about when communicating more often than normal.

12. Driveway visit. Try to visit your neighbors or loved ones as close as it’s safe and possible to do so. Seeing others face-to-face is so exciting when you’ve been isolated!

13. FaceTime / Zoom / Skype. Let others into your world through video calling. If you’re reaching out to people who aren’t technologically savvy, take the time to walk them through the process.

14. Send a text or email. While this is the most “distant” of all the ways to communicate, if this is the most comfortable way for you, it is certainly better than nothing! Send pictures of what you’re doing or things that remind you of the other person. This is a great way to let them know that you are thinking about them.

Show God’s Love Through Prayer

God hears our prayers! One of the easiest (and most powerful) ways to show love and concern is to pray for someone else.

15. Go on a prayer drive. Park in the parking lots of hospitals, schools, assisted living communities, etc and pray for those connected to those places. It’s a tangible way to pray for those affected by crises.

16. Ask people how you can pray for them. In any conversation, at any time, ask, “How can I pray for you?”

17. If you are comfortable, pray WITH them right then. We have collectively done this hundreds of times and have countless stories of people overcome with appreciation, love, and genuine heart change. It’s also a great way to open up a conversation about faith.

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Show God’s Love Through Encouragement

Everyone we encounter could benefit from more encouragement.

18. Write messages on your sidewalk or driveway with chalk. They could be Bible verses, encouraging messages about God’s love and hope, or an invitation to watch your church online.

19. Make thank you signs for the helpers during the crisis. Sometimes, the most essential workers who maintain our food supply, keep city services functioning, and ensure our health and safety are under-appreciated. Show them that they are seen and honored.

20. Leave messages or hearts in your windows. Cut out the letters of the word “HOPE” or “LOVE” along with hearts or crosses and tape them in your windows.

Use Your Unique Gifts to Show God’s Love

21. Share your gifts. God has given each of us unique gifts and abilities that are not meant to be kept to ourselves. Take some time to think about what gifts God has given you. First, thank Him for those gifts, and ask Him how you could use them to bless others. Your gift may not be as obvious as others, but you have them! God has given them to you in order to bless others and glorify Him.

People often have questions about faith during times of crisis. As you show God’s love to others, it may open up the door to have a conversation about Jesus and your faith. Be prepared to share your story and point people to Jesus. No matter what circumstances we face, God is the source of all hope, joy, and peace.

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As much as we want to be, it’s not always safe or logistically possible to be with those who are hurting or alone. When you can’t be there physically, you can still show God’s love from a distance.

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