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Learning to Walk With the Holy Spirit

November 25, 2019
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What would happen if you invited the Holy Spirit to be present in your everyday life? Where would the Holy Spirit take you if you asked Him to be your daily guide?

Our most recent guest on the Ask About My Faith podcast, Trisha Aumann, sits down with us to share beautiful, inspiring stories of how she’s been able to share God’s love in the most natural ways.

Trisha grew up in a family that was deeply rooted in faith. Her mother lived her faith very openly with her kids and didn’t shy away from answering her children’’s many questions about God. At age four, Trisha’s mother walked her through receiving salvation.

In 2021, Trisha opened Farm and Thread, a clothing and decor boutique. A year later, she opened their first brick-and-mortar location in Minnesota. When they opened their storefront, she and her husband prayed over the building, asking God to use their business to minister to others. They wanted their business to be used by the Holy Spirit, but they had yet to discover how fast and simple it would be.

Overcome the Temptation to be a Bystander

It is easy to say you want to talk to people about Jesus. Yet, all too often, when presented with the opportunity to share God’s love with someone else, we let the moment pass. We either don’t see it, let ourselves become distracted, or talk ourselves out of it.

It happens to all of us. Trisha shares a moment of regret. She and her friend encountered a man in obvious distress. He quickly opened up, providing the perfect door to shine God’s light. but they didn’t seize the moment. They left without diving deeper into the conversation and immediately regretted it.

When you feel that door open, don’t hesitate. Seize the opportunity!

The Gospel is Not Complicated

Even at a young age, God stirred Trisha’s heart for others. As early as kindergarten, she told everyone she could about her faith in Jesus.

She shared about a time when she could minister to a boy in her class. They were only kindergarteners, but little Trisha hated seeing the sweet boy picked on and decided to stick up for him. She told the bullies off, then immediately turned to the boy and showed care and compassion for him. She asked him, without any hesitation, if he knew Jesus.

She led the boy to salvation, as her mom had done with her less than a year before. From then on, the boy was attached to her hip! It was the first time someone had truly shown the boy care and compassion.

It was easy! Standing up for the boy, seeing him for who he was, and sharing the simple gospel was easy. As adults, we can model our approach to the gospel, to life, after children such as Trisha..

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Become a Safe Space

When Trisha and her husband opened their storefront, they prayed for God to minister to others through it. They assumed they could bless people financially as they began to prosper, but God had other plans. By simply inviting God into the space and walking with the Holy Spirit, they get to see how His presence shifts the atmosphere and inspires people to let down their walls.

Trisha shares a time when a middle-aged woman visited the shop. The shop was empty, and Trisha usually had subtle worship music playing over the speakers. The song that was playing captured the woman’s attention. Trisha was nervous at first, but it wasn’t necessary.

The woman began opening up to Trisha about her life and her struggles. She tells Trisha about her recent cancer diagnosis and how it has made her realize she needs to make significant changes in her life. Trisha could feel the Holy Spirit moving and was overwhelmed with compassion for the woman. When the woman said she felt like she needed to go back to church, Trisha took the opportunity to guide her to a good local church where she could find support.

This encounter was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The woman visits the shop regularly and updates Trisha on her life and the progress of her cancer treatment. Trisha continues to pray for her and loves seeing how God continues to move in her life.

“The Holy Spirit is the one that guides people in their heart. We can set the tone; we can be the light. But ultimately, the Holy Spirit is the one that comes in and convicts. So the best way for me to reach people is to set the atmosphere.”

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Ask the Holy Spirit to be With You and Shine Your Light

It is inspiring to hear Trisha talk. Her desire to introduce people to the freedom of knowing God’s love is beautiful. She simply allows His love to flow out of her. Her advice to listeners and readers is simple:

First: “Ask for the Holy Spirit to be present around you.”

He will open the door for you in ways you could never imagine. All you need to do is invite Him to be present, then sit back and let Him do the work.

Second: “Don’t be afraid to shine a light.”

If the Holy Spirit moves your heart for a person, take the opportunity! You don’t need to push down doors or create extreme opportunities to share the gospel. Dare to seize the moments God lays out before you.

By simply inviting God into her shop and daily life, Trisha creates a safe space for people to encounter the powerful love of God. You can do the same. Just invite Him into your day-to-day life.

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