How to Find a Church That’s Best For You

How to find a church that works for you, faith community

Maybe you’ve just started a relationship with God, or moved to a new city. Or, maybe you’re coming back to church after some time away. How do you find a church to call home?

Heaven is Our Home

If heaven is our destination, many communities can help us along the way. The vehicle that helps us grow our relationship with Jesus is up to us.

Jesus is the only way to relationship with God. He’s the only way to get to heaven. It is through his sacrifice that our sins are forgiven.

Attending church doesn’t get us into heaven. It’s only through a relationship with Jesus. Through Him, we get to live in God’s presence, in total joy, forever!

Every Church is Different – And That’s OK

While we’re here on earth, we need to find ways to keep us on track. Fellowship with other believers, or hanging out with friends who are going with us to heaven, is very helpful.

In order to do anything well, we have to enjoy it. God has different flavors of churches that can help us on our way.

Maybe a good way to look at it is buses. All the buses who believe in Jesus are headed for heaven. But they all are playing different styles of music, and have different visions and missions. They may look different or be different sizes. But, if the people on the bus believe in Jesus, love Him, and serve Him, they are all headed in the same direction.

How to Find a Church

Try a couple of churches, and keep trying them until you find a flavor that fits. They first have to believe that Jesus is the way, and after that there are all sorts of styles. Find a place where you can get connected to others, serve your community, and grow in God’s love and joy.

Ask God! He wants what’s best for you to grow closer to Him and to share His hope with others. He will guide you until you find a place that feels like home.

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How to Find a Church that Works for You
How to Find a Church that Works for You