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Never Underestimate the Power of Prayer

November 25, 2019
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It’s easy to underestimate the power that prayer can have on a person’s life. Prayer is something that can turn into a bit of a routine when you relegate it to morning, mealtimes, and bedtime. But we need to remember how much of an impact it can really make. 

Our most recent guest on the Ask About My Faith podcast, Michael Bushilla, shares incredible stories of prayer and transformation that will inspire you. 

Michael Bushilla is an entrepreneur, builder, and passionate follower of Christ. He owns and operates a stunning wedding venue with his wife and hosts guests from around the country in his awe-inspiring Hope Glen Farm

Michael’s faith seeps through every aspect of his life. His eagerness to offer prayer to everyone he meets has led to transformation after transformation. We hope you are as inspired by his life as we are. 

Overcoming the Spirit of Anger

It is hard to imagine now, but for most of his young life, Michael was tormented by deep-seated hatred and anger inherited from his father. His father was tortured for 42 months as a prisoner of war in a Japanese war camp during World War II. That traumatic experience left him with immense anger and pain that transferred to his 8 children. 

Hate, anger, and rage took over Michael’s life, but God found a way to break through. In 1972, he had a girlfriend whose parents were devoted Christians, and they began to pray for him. Two years later, in 1974, Michael married his girlfriend and a year later, the prayers of her parents were answered. 

God used the opening created by their prayers to bypass all the anger that cluttered Michael’s mind and brought dramatic transformation. His once hateful heart was now full of light, love, and peace that could only come from God. He remembers stepping outside the following day and hearing the sound of birds singing for the first time in his life. 

The transformation was so dramatic that his family noticed it almost immediately. His brother even asked him what drugs he was on because he wanted a taste! God gave Michael a hunger for The Word and a yearning to see his family transformed similarly. 

Over time, God used Michael’s life as a catalyst for change in his whole family. All 10 members of his family have found salvation and are free from the spirit of anger, and it all started with prayer. 

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Prayer Opens a Door for More

Whether chatting with a new couple at his wedding venue, or a telemarketer calling to sell him a new product, Michael likes to take every opportunity to offer prayer. Everyone needs prayer, and his remarkable stories show how easily it can open the door for God to do more. 

During our conversation, Michael tells us the story of John and Gabby, an engaged couple who booked Michael’s wedding venue for their wedding. After their initial tour, Michael and his wife offered to pray for the couple. John initially refused, but Gabby insisted they pray. 

Months later, John returned to their property to inform Michael that he had recently been in a fight, which led to him getting arrested, and since he was on parole, there was a possibility the wedding wouldn’t be happening. Michael saw this as an opportunity to pour into John’s life. And, thanks to the seed planted during their first meeting, the door was open and John was ready to be led into the Kingdom.

The story doesn’t end there. Michael continued his relationship with John, hiring him to work on their treehouse, and ultimately officiated John and Gabby’s wedding. 

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The Power of Praying that God Will Use Your Space

“God uses the Treehouse to deliver His presence.”

In addition to their wedding venue, Michael and his wife transformed the giant tree on one of their properties into a stunning adult-size treehouse. The 1200-square-foot treehouse has 4 levels with 4 decks, a jacuzzi, and a 30-foot tower completely soaked in love and prayer. God was welcomed into every stage of the process, and His presence continues to fill every inch of the space. 

They have countless stories from guests reporting how tangibly they felt God’s presence in the treehouse. Couples have arrived on the brink of divorce and come out ready to recommit themselves to God and their marriage. Believers and non-believers alike know that there is something unique about the atmosphere in the treehouse, and Michael’s and his wife’s openness about their faith makes it easy for them to attribute it to God. 

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Take Every Opportunity to Use the Power of Prayer

Work is not the only place we can look for opportunities to minister to others. Telemarketing calls are often treated like little mosquitos, pests that do nothing but annoy. We often forget that they are actual people who are just doing their job, and it is not their fault that their job interrupts our days. 

God has placed it on Michael's heart to take every opportunity to minister to telemarketers that cross his path. Rather than dismiss them quickly, Michael likes to take the time to get to know them. He expresses genuine interest in who they are as people and offers to pray for them. 

Michael tells us about a time when a telemarketer named Robert called him. They ended up chatting for a while. Michael learns that Robert is from Delhi, India, and practices Hinduism. Eventually, Michael offers to pray for Robert, and he accepts. That leads to a conversation about God, and Michael’s faith, and ultimately, Robert’s salvation. 

“I don’t have to go to Delhi, India, on a mission trip, because he’s calling me.”

Michael’s Advice on the Power of Prayer

Michael’s advice to all of us is simple: 

Everyone needs prayer.

Everyone needs prayer. When you offer to pray for them, you are opening the door for God to move. Prayer is all God really needs from us. You can share the gospel if you feel led to, but most of the time, prayers are more than enough. 

“When they say ‘yes,’ that’s the door that the Spirit of God enters.”

Prayer Can Be an Easy Way to Share God’s Love With Others.

We often think of evangelism as having in-depth faith conversations or preaching the gospel, which can lead to hesitation and intimidation. Not all of us excel at verbalizing our faith, but prayer is easy. 

Prayer is something we all do as part of our faith, and praying for others is a natural extension of that. Rather than preaching to someone, ask them if you can pray for them. If you are uncomfortable praying on the spot, ask them if there is any way you can keep them in your prayers. Then, if possible, follow up with them.

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Prayer is a vital part of a Christian's life, and can also be a powerful way to share God’s love with others. Hear more from special guest, Michael Bushilla, on the Ask About My Faith Podcast.

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