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Learning to Live Without Fear and Worry

November 25, 2019
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Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:6-7

Our most recent guest on the Ask About My Faith podcast, Anna Kokesh, joins us for a truly inspiring and uplifting conversation about learning to live without fear and worry.

Anna is a married mother of five, currently in her fourth year of medical school and working at a family-run Spanish emergent childcare center. Her strong call to seek healing has led her to the healthcare industry, where she sees God work time and time again. 

Anna strives to live a “no fear, no worry” lifestyle rooted in a deep faith that God is working on our behalf and knows things we could never comprehend. She has experienced a great deal of heartbreak and pain in her life, including the death of her young son. Yet, through it all, she instills hope in those around her by treating Philippians 4:6 as a formula for life. 

God Turns Your Mourning Into Dancing

Anna has lived through unimaginable pain, yet God’s hand has been so clearly at work through it all. Anna grew up in the Christian church and felt His presence numerous times during worship. But, it wasn’t until mental illness hit her, causing pure torment in her mind, that God touched her life outside a church service. 

Just before heading to the hospital for mental health treatment, Anna felt led to go to church. There she received prayer. It was a simple prayer, but in that moment, all the suicidal thoughts, depression, fear, and anxiety lifted. She felt transformed on a deep, internal, and invisible level. 

Years later, Anna and her husband experienced one of the greatest heartbreaks any parent can experience; the death of a child. But looking back on the days leading up to his death, it is clear that God was with her, preparing her heart to handle the tragedy. Hearing her describe the experience is something you must listen to for yourself

Through her mental illness and struggle, God has shown her time and time again that when she releases her worry, her pain, and her fear to God, He will take them and give her peace and hope in exchange. You just need to ask. As Anna likes to say, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, they are all gentlemen. They will receive it if you give it to them, but they won’t just come and take it from you. “You have to make the free will decision.”

This revelation has brought incredible healing in Anna’s life and those around her because she doesn’t keep it to herself. 

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God Has What You, and Others, Need

Anna shared multiple incredible stories with us during our conversation; we could never summarize them all for you here. They are all worth taking the time to listen to yourself. There are two common themes throughout most of her stories. First, Anna rarely hesitates to talk about her faith with people in her life. 

Whether it’s a patient or a friend, she doesn’t hesitate. Even when there is a risk of being reprimanded at work, she doesn’t hesitate. Why? Because, “If you’ve got someone who is thirsty and you’ve got water, you want to give them water.”

Secondly, sharing your faith doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t need to make a big deal out of sitting down and praying with someone or having an in-depth conversation about God and salvation. If someone is opening up to you about a struggle they are facing, speak hope to them. 

Say a quick prayer, silently or with them, inviting God’s will to be done. Tell them what has helped you through similar situations, and then let them decide to dig deeper. Remember, God has what they need! Choosing to withhold His truth and love when they need it is doing them a disservice.

How to Live Without Fear and Worry

Throughout our entire conversation with Anna, she offers so much incredible insight, revelation, and inspiration. She highlighted two key points when we asked her what advice she had for our listeners. 

Let evangelism be a lifestyle.

If you are a believer going through trials and tribulations, be open about it. Don’t fall into the temptation of appearing perfect. It’s easy to share testimony after the fact, but it is just as powerful (and potentially more so) to let them join you on the journey.

“It’s kinda fun to let them walk through that (testimony) with you.”

Use the No-Fail Prayer.

When you don’t know how to pray, simply pray “Let God’s will be done.” Whenever we go to God with a request, there is a reason. Do you want a promotion? Ok, why? There is always a reason why you want whatever it is you are praying for. 

The No-Fail Prayer reminds you to open the door for God to do it His way. It reminds us that God is always working on our behalf. God sees and knows things we will never be able to. Stressing about things we will never be able to understand is fruitless. It’s better just to give it to God. 

So, the next time someone opens up to you about challenges in their life, don’t overthink things. Offer them hope and comfort in the form of God’s simple truth. Use your own relationship with God to speak into their circumstance. Finally, keep your prayers simple.

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Discover how to live without fear and worry while sharing your faith on the Ask About My Faith podcast, with our guest Anna Kokesh.

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