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Discover the Power of Seeing the One In Front of You

November 25, 2019
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“I am not someone who was created to preach to the masses. I was created to invest in the person in front of me, and I only have so much capacity, so that is only a few people at a time.”

Sharing the gospel or having conversations about your faith with people who might not agree can feel uncomfortable and intimidating. But, it doesn’t need to feel that way. What if it was as simple as truly seeing the one in front of you?

The most recent guest on the Ask About My Faith podcast, Lo Miller, shares what God’s been teaching her and a few stories that may inspire you.

From Private Faith to Living It Out

Lo Miller is a 29-year-old pediatric home care nurse from Maple Grove, Minnesota. As a home care nurse, she gets to step into some of the most intimate moments of her patients’ lives and be a light in their dark times.

Lo’s faith has always been a big part of her life. However, it remained a very private part of her life until her first year of college. Lo originally went to nursing school for practical reasons and never wanted to do ministry.

Then, while at a conference, a desire to partner with God in a more significant way began to stir in Lo’s heart. After months of prayer, she decided to drop out of college and attend YWAM. During that 6-month program, Lo’s faith became more solidified, and she realized how she could best live it out.

“YWAM was never about me preaching the gospel for six months in a foreign country. It was about me coming up into who He created me to be so I could preach the gospel in the Twin Cities for the rest of my career.”

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Overcoming the Desire to Avoid Discomfort and Pain

Every day we encounter people who need to hear God’s truth, but being the one to bridge the gap between God’s heart and the person He is trying to reach can be painful. Whether it’s through your job, like Lo, or just moving through life, there are people in pain all around you.

The easy thing to do is look away. Looking away allows us to avoid the pain and discomfort of getting involved in their struggle.

It could be the potential awkwardness of talking about God or the pain felt when you encounter someone’s deep darkness. No matter the form, it is tempting to avoid it however possible.

But God has called us to be a light in dark places, and he has equipped us to push back chaos. Lo shares how God encouraged her to “linger.” Once she started to linger and walk out of her identity in Christ, she began to see God move in beautiful ways.

At first, it wasn’t easy. Lo struggled to see the person in front of her. God began to urge her to “look left.” To look at Him to see His heart for the one in front of her. This changed everything.

“The world is really cruel and uncreative. They say it like it is and what they see. But the Kingdom of God sees the original design of someone and then calls that out.”

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Investing in the Long Game: A Testimony of Continuously Seeing the One in Front of You

Lo shared multiple incredible stories, all of which are inspiring and deserve mentioning. The first story, however, is the best example of continuously looking at the one in front of you and allowing yourself to linger.

On her first visit to a patient, who was known for being difficult, Lo prayed for God to intervene. The 14-year-old boy had diabetes and refused to see the nurses who went to visit. When the boy also refused to see her, Lo lingered instead of taking the easy route and began talking to his mother. She expected God to move, so she stayed longer than she might have otherwise.

This led to Lo not only having a wonderful conversation with the patient’s mother, but God removing her 9/10 back pain. Not only that, but the boy witnessed the miracle for himself. After about 30 minutes of lingering, the boy came out of his room to talk with his nurse (Lo) for the first time.

They were able to start a relationship that continues to this day. Through this relationship, Lo has been able to provide practical and spiritual support during his darkest days. She has been able to speak identity and love over him for years. Despite his challenging circumstances, the language surrounding his identity has become more positive, and he is reading the Bible his grandma gave him.

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Avoid the Pressure to Be Smooth and Trust God’s Timing

Lo shared two pieces of advice during our conversation.

Avoid the Pressure to Be Smooth

“The real-time experience doesn’t feel nearly as cool or smooth as when it is being re-told in story form.” Faith conversations are often clunky and awkward. They require you to act with faith and trust that the Holy Spirit will fill in the gaps for you.

“This isn’t about me and it feeling smooth or comfortable. It’s really about the one in front of me.”

An illustration of a person looking through large binoculars. The text in the graphic reads, "Jesus first saw others as people, not problems."

Trust God's Timing

“He leads you to certain places at certain times.” Remember that there is no such thing as coincidences in the Kingdom. God is strategic. “There is so much purpose in where you’re going. He wants to partner with you in that.”

So, as you walk through your life this week, we encourage you to ask God to show you His heart for the people right before you. God has strategically placed people in your life and wants to partner with you.

We encourage you to seek God’s face and allow yourself to linger expectantly. You might be surprised by how easy it can be to serve as a bridge for God’s love!

Let us know how Lo’s journey has inspired you. We want to hear your stories!

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Discover the power of seeing the one in front of you through testimonies from this week's Ask About My Faith Podcast guest, Lo Miller.

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