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How to Share Your Faith as a Teen

November 25, 2019
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The teenage years can be a unique time of life. Teens are trying to figure out who they are, who their friends are, and what direction they are going to go in life. It can also be an easy opportunity for teens to share their faith with peers. By simply living and talking openly about God’s love, you can shift the narrative about Christianity and help others find God during times of crisis and questioning. 

Our most recent guest on the Ask About My Faith podcast, Elise Gaspar, shares with us her teenage perspective and experience sharing her faith with her peers. 

Elise’s name might sound familiar if you’ve followed us for a while! She is the daughter of Justin Gaspar, the first-ever guest of the Ask About My Faith podcast. Her mother also happens to be on our board. 

Elise is a sophomore in high school, living in Dallas, Texas, with her parents and two brothers. She is part of student leadership, on the teen council for the Dallas Symphony, and a member of National Honor Society. She often serves kids at a local refugee community center. At a young age, she felt the call to ministry and doesn’t seem shy about her faith among her peers. 

Teens Can Share Their Faith by Overcoming the Fear of Conflict

Faith conversations typically arise in one of two ways. The first needs to be initiated. The second happens naturally. In both cases, many of us must overcome the desire to avoid conflict. 

It’s hard to predict what might create tension or conflict when talking openly about our beliefs and opinions, whether it’s about faith or something else entirely. But we can’t allow that to stop us. 

Elise shares a beautiful story of a time when she had a very open and honest conversation about God with three friends at the lunch table. They each come from different faith backgrounds, but she found that by listening to each other attentively and respecting what everyone had to say, they were able to share without conflict arising. 

By stepping out in a respectful and loving way, she is able to share God’s love and gospel through both her words and her actions. She is able to open the door to continued, ongoing conversations with her friends about faith. 

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Teens Can Share Their Faith by Changing the Narrative

A common thread through most of Elise’s stories was her willingness to let her faith seep into all aspects of her life, but most importantly, her attitude and actions. It’s no secret to her friends and peers that Elise is a Christian. She doesn’t make a show of it, but when given the opportunity, she is open and honest. 

As a result, she’s been able to “shift the narrative” of who Christians are for multiple friends and peers. One friend, who has always had a rather negative view of Christians, even told her that she stands out as an exception. Before her, they had never met a “nice Christian” before.

“Yes, I’m so glad that I can change the narrative for them about what Christians are like, but it’s also really sad that they haven’t been able to experience that so far.”

Being a kind friend and demonstrating the love of God through your actions speaks volumes. It can open the door for God to speak to their heart later. “I might not be the person to bring them to the Lord, but I can be the first step.”

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Valuable Advice on How Teens Can Share Their Faith

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“Crisis and questions are doorways to conversations.”

Teenagers can often feel like an intimidating age group to talk to about God. But, according to Elise, they are actually some of the easiest to minister to. 

Elise reminds us that it is easiest to have faith conversations with friends who are in crisis, and teens always seem to be in crisis. Whether it’s a personal identity crisis or a family crisis, questions and confusion seem to follow teens. 

Teenagers Are Ready to Talk About God.

Most people are more open to God’s truth when they are hungry for answers. Teenagers are ready to talk about God. They just need to feel comfortable enough to come to you with their questions. 

Teenagers Are Watching Your Actions and Intentions.

They are watching and taking note of your actions and intentions. Elise’s stories demonstrate that if you show love, kindness, and respect, they will feel more comfortable asking the questions that open the door to God’s truth. 

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect - 1 Peter 3:15

Ask yourself what you can do to ensure that your friends and acquaintances know they are safe coming to you with their struggles or questions about God. Don’t be afraid to live your faith openly and honestly with those around you. That includes demonstrating the love of God through kindness and respect for all.  

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This week’s guest on the Ask About My Faith podcast, Elise Gaspar, helps us learn how to share your faith as a teen.

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