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Discover the Power of Seeing the One In Front of You, Lo Miller podcast

Discover the Power of Seeing the One In Front of You

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Discover the power of seeing the one in front of you through testimonies from this week's Ask About My Faith Podcast guest, Lo Miller.
Jesus's Command to Love

Mushy Asparagus and Jesus's Command to Love

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What does asparagus have to do with Jesus’s command to love? It's not possible to follow Jesus's command to love on our own.
Evangelize in Your Relationships

How to Evangelize in Your Relationships

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Discover how our podcast guest, Jill Wilson, has learned to evangelize in his everyday life through relationships.
Call to Discipleship

Drop Your Nets, Pick Up Your Cross - The Call to Discipleship

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For Christians, following Jesus means letting go and starting new. We must drop our nets and pick up our cross.
Planting Seeds Matt Roussin

Sharing Your Faith Means Planting Seeds

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Sharing your faith means planting seeds and trusting God to give the growth. Hear from Matt Roussin on how he plants seeds in his life.
The Main Thing That Keeps Us From Jesus

The Main Thing That Keeps Us From Jesus

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The Gospel is the best news in the world. But, what keeps us from Jesus and the good news He brings? Why do we turn from Him?
How to Hear From God and Encourage a Stranger, Morgan Whitney
Radically Following Jesus

3 Misunderstandings That Keep Us from Radically Following Jesus

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What keeps us from radically following Jesus? Here are 3 misunderstandings that keep Christians from living out their faith in Christ.
The Benefits of Gratitude

The Benefits of Gratitude

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The benefits of gratitude can be far-reaching in our lives. Not only does gratefulness help us, but it blesses those around us as well.
God's promises for you

God's Promises for You

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No matter what uncertainties you may be facing, God is faithful. God's promises for you are a firm foundation you can build your life upon.