How Can I Love My Enemies?

How Can I Love My Enemies?

How can I love my enemies? Is it even possible?

This is the wrong question!

The real question is: How can I be more like Jesus? In all of His encounters with people, He always did what was best for others.

We think of love as a feeling. And it is! But…

Love Is An Action

But love is also a verb — an action word. Sometimes, we need to not only feel love toward people, but we also have to act like we love them. Sometimes, we just have to forgive and do what’s best for others.

I believe that God is always working in everybody’s life to bring them closer to Him. As a good Parent, sometimes that means nice things for us, but sometimes it can mean difficult things.

This is also what we need to do for others. For example, sometimes we need to enact some tough love as a parent with our children.

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Love Means Doing What’s Best For Others

Part of loving others means we have to do what is good for people who do wrong to us. We have to forgive them and do what’s best for them.

Doing what’s best for someone looks different for different people. Sometimes, it means turning the other cheek. Or, when they ask for our coat, we give them our shirts, too. Doing what’s best for someone can mean turning people into the police. Sometimes, it can mean forgiving them but also never having anything more to do with them.

Sounds difficult, right? It is! That’s why we need God’s grace.

Grace helps us to act out of love and not out of bitterness or revenge. We have to act like our heavenly Father, Who does what is best for each one of us.

Forgive and trust God with the justice. Surrender to God and let Him do what is best for us all!

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