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20 Bible Verses About Thankfulness

20 Bible Verses About Thankfulness

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What does the Bible say about being thankful? Here are 20 Bible Verses about thankfulness and the benefits of gratitude.
How to Love Someone You Disagree With

How to Love Someone You Disagree With

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Today's world seems more polarized than ever. With so much division, how can you love someone you disagree with?
Discovering the Chapters of Your Faith Story


Dan's Story

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"I was on a performance treadmill going nowhere, and I kept digging this deeper emotional hole."


10 Ways to Deal With Difficult Co-Workers

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Working in a dream environment is a goal for most of us. But when the dream turns into a toxic nightmare, how do we climb out of bed every morning and make ourselves go to work?

How Can I Follow My Calling If I'm Not Sure What It Is?

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Do you dream about finding that “sweet spot” in your life and career where you’ll be energized, fulfilled...

Here's How You Can Change Your Workplace's Culture

That means getting back to what it means to live whole, balanced lives. That means loving our neighbors in...